What is a St Christopher Medal and Who Should Wear it?

st christopher medal

Summary of facts about St Christopher’s Medal, its origin and meaning. It’s a story concerning one of the most popular Saint in Catholic Church, who started as a Monster and ended up as a Saint.

What is a St Christopher Medal?

St Christopher medal is among the most common devotion in Catholic society. The Roman Church honors the use of medals as a form of religious belongingness and protection against all evils.

It is believed that Saint Christopher medal protects its wearer from death during the travels and brings blessing. Many people wear this medal on the necks and wrists for this very reason. It is not unusual to hang this medal in the car.

Saint Christopher Medals | Pictures on Gold

The choice is huge and everyone will find their own way of asking St Christopher for protection. Vehicle badges, visors clips or keychains are very popular. You can also carry special coins with the image of Saint Christopher in your wallet or a prayer card with medal attached to it.(Check here)

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The medal itself features the image of a tall and formidable man crossing dangerous river. He holds a long staff in his hands, while child-Jesus seats on his shoulder. To fully understand why this image was chosen to be engraved on St Christopher’s medal you need to get familiar with his life story.(Read here)

what is a st christopher medal?


The most common inscription on the medal in English says: ” Saint Christopher Protect Us” or ” Saint Christopher Pray for Us” while In French ” Regarde St Christophe et va-t-en rassure”, which translates to “Look at St Christopher and go on reassured”. Spanish equivalent translates into ” If you trust St Christopher, you won’t die in an accident”.

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Who is the medal for?

St Christopher is a well known patron of travelers and everyone on the move. Among the people who can say that St Christopher is their saint are motorists, children, surfers, mariners, gardeners, athlets. The list goes on. If you are bachelor it is also your patron. He is also known as a protector against toothaches, hailstorms, sudden death and plaque.

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You need to believe…

We need to remember that medals (and all other Sacramentals) are not some magical charms and they don’t perform just through the act of wearing or possessing them. They work because we believe that Saint engraved on the piece of metal is with God and intercedes for us when we pray with faith. Only through mercy of God we can get what we ask for. Saints are our heavenly advocates in the front of God’s throne. Catholic Church encourages us to use Sacramentals (including Medals), because they bear the promise of God’s help for our soul and body through the authority of the Church.


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