Receiving Eucharist in the Hand- Promises of Jesus Christ for Those Who Won’t do It

Receiving Eucharist in the Hand

Receiving Eucharist in the hand instead of the mouth and Promises of Jesus Christ for those who won’t do it is one of the subjects of the book “The Passion” by Catalina Rivas, a Bolivian mystic and writer. She got stigmata and received visions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, on which she has written many books. In the book “The Passion” (Imprimatur of Monsignor René Fernández, Archbishop of Cochabamba, Bolivia) Catalina was given seventeen promises of Jesus Christ for all those who receive Him in the mouth and not in the hand, because this offends Him, instead receiving Him in the mouth glorifies Him.

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1 Corinthians 11:29
“For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body.”– New King James Version

Promises of Jesus Christ

17 Promises of Jesus Christ for those receiving the Eucharist in the mouth and not in the hand

1. To those who do not receive My Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in their hands, I promise to fill them with My BlessingsPromises of Jesus Christ in their hands, heart, soul and their whole being.
I promise them many more graces in earthly life, and the consequent greater guarantees of salvation and increase of essential and accidental Glory, for all their eternal living with Me in Heaven.
You will feel Me in Communion so fully in your whole being and with such fullness that the natural desire to touch Me will be taken away from you.
4. If you act in this way, you will receive great graces from Me and great benefits for your whole house.
I promise to those who do what I most desire, special power in their hands against the enemies of the soul, and to many I will give gifts of healing.
I promise that if they do so with perseverance, they will come in all things with greater intensity, seeking only My greatest honor and glory, and I will exalt them especially, all eternity.
. I will grant those who, out of love for the fulfillment of all My designs, do not receive Me in their hands, by greater adoration, humility and holy respect, the gift of discernment of spirits with greater intensity.
Their names will be written especially in My Heart, yes, for giving me greater pleasure, receive Holy Communion in the mouth and not in the hand.
I promise that I will increase all your virtues as a reward for the greater humility that comes from never believing your own hands are clean enough to touch Me.
I promise that they will faithfully propagate My Doctrine, and that they will more easily overcome all types of temptations.
Those who receive Me in their mouths and not in their hands will not distance themselves from Me if they do so with due reverence, and live in this manner during each one of the days of their lives.
I promise that the door will not be closed to My Love for those who, out of affection for My desires, give Me comfort by always receiving Me on their lips and never in their hand.                                                                                                                                  13. If they persevere in this way to please Me more by receiving Communion in their mouths, I promise they will come to work only for My Heart, with My Heart, in My Heart, for My Divine Heart.
I promise to those who honor Me in this way to be very intense and willingly heard by My Heart.
If in this matter, which is so important to Me, they give Me the greatest pleasure, they will always like, out of My Love, to follow My Divine motions, and I will recreate them especially, as proof of My satisfaction in the fact that they always receive Holy Communion in their mouths and never in their hand.
These will always do a great deal of good to souls; on the other hand, those who insist on taking Me in their hands will be hardened in many things towards My Will, and darkened about My own desires, My own preaching and My own teaching.
On the contrary, those who tremble in their hands and do not touch the Sacred Consecrated Form, prepare themselves especially in their whole being, at the hour of receiving Me in Communion, to ask Me to be Me alone and nothing of them: I promise the grace to reach in a short time the highest Christian perfection, they will seek My Face with more love, they will forget themselves more easily, they will always have My Heart comforted by this gesture, they will receive greater heavenly lights and will have greater joy from My Heart forever and ever.

Promises for those who spread these promises

1. The gift of the knowledge of hearts.
2. They will attain exalted glory in Heaven.
3. They will have a long spiritual life, although not always material, but in a few years, as if they had lived many years of holiness.
4. I will give great blessings to your family.
5. The more they spread them, the more I will pour myself into them.
6. I will make them feel me in an ineffable way, in a growing fullness.
7. I will not allow them to undertake any undertaking if it is not to my liking.
8. I will place in their path enough light so that with My abundant assistance, they will avoid evil and do not only what is good, but what pleases Me most.
9. I will give you still greater graces, countless ones, if you spread them with fervor: consider it a great omission not to make known My promises.

Receiving Eucharistin the hand

Let us always remember that it is Jesus crucified, body, blood, soul and divinity that we receive, so we must confess our indignity and not touch Him with our hands.

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