Do You Need Urgent Help? Send a “Telegram to St Joseph”…

Letter to St Joseph

What is a “Telegram to St Joseph”? What should I write in it and where to send it? I bet that was your first thought when you saw the title.

I hope you won’t be disappointed, because a “Telegram to St Joseph” is not really a telegram but a special prayer, which is also called a “Letter to St Joseph” or “Triduum of St Joseph”.

The “Telegram to St Joseph” is not a prayer to be said daily. It is dedicated to special, important and urgent matters. The Triduum should beTelegram to St Joseph celebrated just for one day, first time in the morning, then at noon and last time in the evening. If it is a very urgent matter, such as conversion for a dangerously ill person or a life-threatening situation, then the prayer can be said in three consecutive hours.

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As emphasized by people who recommend a “Telegram to St Joseph”, the most important thing is to pray it deeply in the heart, and not to repeat formula thoughtlessly. It is essential to focus on the fact that the words of the telegram are addressed specifically to St. Joseph and ask Him for intercession with God.

Holy Family Statue - 25"
Holy Family Statue

“Telegram to St Joseph”

“Saint Joseph, I offer You the love of Jesus and Mary that they have for You.

I also offer you the praises, gratitude and sacrifices that the faithful have made to You through the ages up to this moment.

I entrust myself and all those dear to my heart to Your Holy protection forever.Saint Joseph

I am begging You for the love of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Your Bride, obtain for us the grace of final salvation and all the graces we need, especially this great grace … (our intention).

Hurry to save me, Holy Patriarch, and console me in this distress.

O Saint Joseph, Friend of the Heart of Jesus, hear me.

Our Father … Hail Mary … Glory be …

Eternal Father, I offer You the Most Holy Blood, Heart and Face of Your Only Begotten Son, all the virtues and merits of the Holy Mother and Her Most Pure Spouse, Saint Joseph, and all the treasures of the Holy Church to obtain the grace of final salvation and favors we need, especially this …(our intention).

O Saint Joseph, save us in life, in death, at any time!”

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I hope that when Saint Joseph receives your telegram, he will answer it quickly and as you wish...

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