Catholic Green Scapular Prayer

Catholic Green Scapular Prayer

The green scapular has attracted the faithful for decades, thanks to its beautiful promises and the simplicity of the prayer assigned to it. The Catholic Green Scapular Prayer is so short and simple that it can be said during everyday activities and no one will even know about it.

Catholic Green Scapular Prayer

The only prayer to be recited is the inscription surrounding the heart on the reverse side of the scapular;

” Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us now and at the hour of our death

This should be repeated daily, if not by the one wearing it, by the one giving it. Graces are granted through our Lady’s intercession and are proportionate to the degree of the faith of the praying person.

Traditional Green Scapular
Traditional Green Scapular

The thing with the Green Scapular is so that you can get it for yourself, remembering about this short daily prayer, but we can also buy a scapular for a loved one or a friend. When we know that it will be accepted and not throw it away, it is not a problem, because such a person can say a prayer for himself.

But what to do in a situation when we know that a person will not accept the Scapular or we do not have the courage to take such a step, knowing that the person is not a believer? There is a simple solution. The Scapular can be hidden in clothes, put somewhere in the room of a loved one or hide under a pillow. The point is that the scapular should not be found and thrown away. It is then our responsibility to say the prayer every day.

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There are not many Promises of the Green Scapular, but they are very significant as they are related to the destiny of our soul and eternal life. It is therefore important that we make every effort to ensure that all those who are close to our heart and do not believe in God, are placed in the Immaculate Heart of Mary through this Scapular. Their salvation may depend on it.

Promises of The Green Scapular:

Immaculate Heart of Mary

1. Conversion of souls outside of the Church

2. Assurance of good death

3. Reconciliation to the Church for those who have lost their faith or strayed from it

4. Strengthening of the faith for those already in the Church

5. Protection against the Satan

6. Physical healing, if it is God’s will

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